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The Path less travelled leads to Mastery

When we think about mastery, we often think of a person who is highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field of operation or someone who has mastered a skill such as an athlete.

Yet, these individuals have reached a level of expertise that most of us can only dream of. The question is what is it that sets them apart?

Thats an excellent question and one that has many answers. First, they may have had the desire, then they spoke that desire, believed it could happen, and then went out to achieve it.

The Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. We have to say what we want, then believe it and then decide to start and continuously pursue. The road to mastery is the one less travelled.

Here are some tips from my own life that will help you stay grounded and on track.

  • Be clear on what you are called to do. Stay away from “flip flopping”.

  • Spend time mastering your craft. Think of a musician who has mastered the craft, the notes sound almost flawless when that music is played.

  • Passion is a push! When you are passionate about what you do, it gives you that needed push or motivation to keep going.

  • Learning is practicing and practicing is learning. Immerse yourself in learning and practicing. 

  • Be authentic and yearn for more self-awareness. The road to mastery is the path less travelled and one that has to be immersed in authenticity and hunger for self-awareness that leads to growth.

Whatever stage you are in your life or business, think about how spending time and effort to master your craft can empower you to impact and influence the lives of many others. 

Today make the best decisions for your own growth and success.

Get Inspired 

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Remember, you have the power to shape your thoughts and create a mindset that leads you to mastery. Start today by being mindful of your thoughts and taking steps use those thoughts to drive you to positive results.

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