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From Procrastination to Purposefulness: Understanding Negative Habits.

Negative thoughts and habits can hold us back from reaching our full potential. By identifying and eliminating negative habits, we can pave the way for a more positive and fulfilling life.

Sometimes, we even have a habit that’s irritating to us (even though we’re the ones doing it), but we find ourselves doing it over and over anyway.

Let go of self-doubt and procrastination to allow room for growth and self-compassion. Embrace positivity and watch your life blossom with new opportunities and possibilities.

Use these simple strategies to move you from Procrastination to Purposeful habits:


1.      Identify the issue. In order to get rid of a weed, first you have to notice it. Negative habits and procrastination are the same. If you take a moment to recognize these undesirable ways, you’ve taken the first step toward doing something about them.

2.      Increase self-awareness. Now that you’ve identified the weed, notice how it’s choking out the growth and progress you’re trying to make. Negative habits result in negative consequences. For example, you want to take a course or seek help from a coach, but the negative thought connected to procrastination will tell you, you don't need to do that, or you can't afford it right now. That voice will cause you to not take action which result in a negative consequence.


3.      Make a conscious decisionIf you want to expel a negative habit, such as procrastination, you must make the choice to stop. Rather than saying, “I’ll try to stop watching television and get some work done” say, “I have to do some work, so I am turning the television off now.”


4.      Build in a safety net. Come up with a plan to use when you slip back into your bad habit. This plan should help you get back on track. For example, say to yourself, “If I accidently say, I think that I must leave this course until next year, I’ll stop talking and make a decision to start it immediately.”

Since most of us find doing something now less than enjoyable, you’ll learn that your safety net is meant to help you curb the habit.

5.      Use diversionSome habits of procrastination can be combatted by diverting our attention. Find a positive action to distract you while you’re avoiding the urge to become a couch potato, watching television all day. Not only will you avoid the urge, but you’ll accomplish something positive as well!

6.      Replace old habits with new ones. Plan in advance to do a specific action each time you find yourself doing the old habit. Replacement gives you the opportunity to implement a positive habit rather than the negative one you’re trying to avoid.

7.      Expect relapses but cease the old behavior swiftly. Especially at the beginning, you’ll tend to backslide into your negative habit. Stop the behavior the moment you notice it and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can rid yourself of that habit.

Weed out those negative habits and live in a “garden” that’s positive, healthy, and happy. Your life is filled with plenty of positive actions. Avoid letting procrastination rob you of a Purposeful life.

Remember, we are all masters of our future, so our thinking affects our beliefs and our lives. Ask yourself what the smart decisions is, and then do everything you can to follow that course of action. Kick that saboteur mindset to the curve and live your best life!

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Remember, you have the power to shape your thoughts and create a mindset that serves you well. Start today by being mindful of your negative thoughts and taking steps to replace them with positivity and self-love.

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