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How to Move Beyond the Past

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Every person has a past, once you are alive, you have a past. Your past can be the moment that just went by, it can be yesterday, it can be last year, and for some it can be ten or twenty years ago.

Anything that is not this moment is considered the past. Moving from the past many times present challenges.

Here are some primary reasons why people stay in the past.

  • Refusal to trust self– mindset challenge

  • Refusal to trust God and trust the process of life.

  • Lack of knowledge – just don’t know how to do it

  • Lack of understanding – I don’t understand how to do it

  • I love it here in my past, I feel secure here

  • Fear of the future - I am fearful of doing so, as I don’t know what lies ahead.

  • They can’t move by themselves, it’s a condition, mental condition, or sometimes medical condition

  • This is my place of comfort – I’d rather stay here in my comfort zone

  • Even though these reasons are sometimes logical, it is expedient and crucial to move from the past.

Here are the reasons why you must move beyond the past.

  • The past is both our lesson and our blessing, but we were not meant to dwell there.

  • There is much more ahead of us, many times it’s better that lies ahead, if we trust God to take us forward.

  • When we refuse to move ahead, we sabotage our future.

  • Staying in the past is just like saying no to the future.

  • We hurt ourselves and hurt others in the process