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7 Habits That Make You a More Valuable Person

Making yourself more valuable to yourself and others leads to a more successful life and career. More opportunities open up when you have an impressive resume, but when you are a person of value, the whole world opens up to you.

You’re likely to enjoy more satisfaction in life too. A productive workday is bound to feel more gratifying than watching the clock until it’s time to go home.

While individual bosses and companies will have their own priorities, there are some qualities that are appreciated in just about any place within life. Take a look at this checklist of habits that make you a valuable asset to just about any one in life.

These strategies will help you to increase your competence:

  1. Set goals. Clarifying your goals will guide your actions and help you to get the outcomes you want. For example, you may want to close more sales or develop your leadership skills. Aim high while being realistic.

  2. Continue learning. Add to your knowledge and skills. Read books and subscribe to industry publications. Talk with thought leaders in your field. Earn certifications online and sign up for training seminars at work.

  3. Master technology. Take advantage of apps and devices that will help you to manage your time and accomplish more. Brushing up on computer skills enables you to stay relevant and collaborate with other professionals.

  4. Be proactive. Do you wait around for your next assignment? Take initiative by volunteering for projects with high visibility. Look for ways to streamline work processes and cut costs.

  5. Welcome feedback. Gathering feedback from your others such as friends or coworkers can have a powerful impact on your performance and professional development. Apply what you learn and thank others for their input.

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