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Your Next Strategy

What is your next strategy?

Whether you are a follower or a leader, an employer or an employee, please know that in order to move to every new level and into every new season there must be a strategy.

The strategy you used in the last season, may not be the best one for this season, alternately the strategy that took you to this level, cannot take you to your next level. How do you know what that next strategy is?

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👉 Pray, and get the next strategy before you move, so that you can know what to do.

The Elijah strategy: Elijah was destinated for great things, but he had to stay at brook Cherith and be fed by ravens, in order to get his next strategy. When the brook dried up it was an indication to move. "Rise and eat for the journey ahead of you is great". 1st Kings 19:7

👉 The strategy is not always as you see it, sometimes it doesn't make sense, it's not what everyone else is doing. You must listen before you act and be obedient to gain victory.

The Jericho Wall strategy: Jericho was shut up straight, none could go in and none would come out. The strategy given to Joshua was to march around one time for six days and on the seven-day, they marched seven times around the walls with praise. The walls came tumbling down.

👉 You win victories not by effort, but by strategies, within every victory lies a strategy. Don't move without the strategy.

👉 The strategy you get is the blueprint for your next level of advancement, know how to use it. Get the strategy!

👉 You may not need to pull a weapon at every enemy, you may just need to sing or dance. Watch the strategy!

It is my heart that you press in for the strategies for your next level, and your season, so that we can advance in this season and the next.

Ring my 🔔 and follow me for more ways to grow your life. It is all about building people and changing lives.

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