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You go first

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

You cannot lead people where you have never been. You cannot impart what you do not possess.

My daughter shared recently how she and her husband decided to take a trip to the countryside to a place they had never been before. Her husband decided he would be the driver, and he was positive he would find the place.

We were all born to be leaders.

She said more than halfway along the journey, she decided to use the GPS as she had a numbing inner feeling that they were going the wrong way.

It turned out that neither her husband nor the GPS knew the way. As several minutes later the GPS directed them into an open field, a dead-end road where all they saw was cows looking at the vehicle almost surprisingly.

As a leader, let us not try to fool ourselves, by thinking that some miracle is going to happen on the way and eventually you are going to get the people who you are leading to where they need to go.

God called Joshua to lead after Moses died, but he had to go before to spy out the land for himself so that he would have some knowledge of where they were going and what they would possess when they got there.

Joshua saw the difficulties that they had to overcome, but yet his vision was clear on what the possibilities were. There were giants but he knew they were well able to possess the land.

Next time you think of activities that will require you to lead, such as mentorship, coaching, counseling or any other role that require you to take someone from their now into their next level, ask yourself these questions, have I been there before? Do I know where I am taking them?

As you move into 2023, be determined to go first, to be the first or become the first so that you can help others to get there as well. Be the catalyst, the first to change the trajectory of your life, your family and the lives of others who you lead.

A change of mindset is the first place to begin. When we change everything around us changes.

Cheers to our best days ahead, press into your purpose and persevere into your possibilities. I am rooting for you.

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