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What is your next step?

One of the first steps to becoming the “Real You” is to have your own Personal Standard Operating Procedures and not copying those of others.

Do you have your Personal Standard Operating Procedures (PSOP’s)?

If you have them, make them visible if you don’t, that’s ok, start writing them.

Those PSOPs will become your own unique pathway, as the path that is designed for you is for non-other but you.

I am humbled to have spent almost 30 years in the corporate space (banking and education) and is still there to some extent. We had many Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across the organization, that governed the way they operated.

It was almost an equal level of experience as my first twelve years were spent in non-decision-making positions, by that I mean I was not able to make public decisions to influence the organization SOP’s and goals in many ways.

Later, when I transitioned into leadership, I was integral in advancing several areas of operation, credit, and people management, and was able to use my voice, experience, and knowledge to get some standard operating procedures (SOP’s) upgraded or even changed.

At the time when I was not able to make public decisions, I made several, consistent and far-reaching private decisions for my own life. I wrote my own Personal Standard Operating Procedures (PSOPs).

These are standards that I use to both grow and govern my own life. From time to time, I share them with others, at other times I read them as often as possible to remind me what governs my life. Many times, I share them to enforce boundaries.

While we are governed by the SOPs of the organizations we work with, start writing your own PSOPs. Allow them to be read by others when you are seen or even unseen.

Your PSOPs are your weapons of war to ward of any unforeseen enemy to your purpose and destiny.

When the enemy comes in, (the enemy of your purpose and destiny: fear, doubts, lack, obstacles) like a flood the spirit of God (his word = your Personal Standing Operating Procedures) tells you who you are and what you should do to advance.

Those standards are lifted up to enable, protect, guide and advance you into your purpose and destiny.

Use your PSOPs every day, every time.

You will be better for this.

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