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Leadership Corner - 4 Simple Steps to Effective Leadership

There are many different kinds of effective leadership styles, and the style you choose could increase your chances of success. Research shows that participative leadership is usually more productive than authoritative models.

What is participative leadership exactly? It’s a form of governance that shares power and encourages input. Management studies show that it can enhance outcomes and increase job satisfaction and morale. It’s the difference between giving orders and building consensus.

For example, consider two different approaches to an office move. The CEO of a more autocratic company might pick the new location and give employees a list of tasks to complete.

On the other hand, a participative leader would form a committee to review possible sites and give employees the opportunity to discuss the final candidates and coordinate logistics.

Learning to be a more collaborative leader can help your relationships and your career. Put these suggestions to work for you.

Maximizing the Advantages of Participative Leadership:

Earn trust. For a participative workplace to flourish, colleagues need to trust their leader and each other. That requires confidence in each other’s character and abilities. Sincerity and transparency are essential. Pull together. Close communication draws a team together. Employees are more likely to develop strong and healthy professional relationships and maybe even socialize more outside of work. Increase engagement. According to recent Gallup polls, employee engagement is the lowest it’s been in 20 years. Fifty-four percent of employees say they are psychologically unattached to their work and do the minimum. Giving employees a greater voice can increase their commitment. Celebrate diversity. One of the greatest strengths of participative leadership is welcoming contributions from team members with a variety of talents and backgrounds. Approaching challenges from many different perspectives usually creates more effective solutions. Reward innovation. The free flow of ideas is another benefit. When you create a safe environment for discussion, employees are more likely to propose ideas that can help your business.

Use those 4 simples to enhance effective and participative leadership in your company.

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