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The Power of Compromise: A Leadership Charge

A leader's ability to compromise makes life and relationships run more smoothly, even if the concept sometimes seems challenging to implement. Here are some of the advantages of compromising which will lead to finding middle ground.

1. Advance the greater good. Making reasonable concessions paves the way for finding solutions to difficult conflicts. For example, if you're a leader with a large team under your leadership, be generous about accommodating your team's requests so they are empowered to feel a part of the organization. People feel separated and isolated when compromise is one sided, and usually not in their best interest.

2. Facilitate cooperation. Teamwork flourishes in an atmosphere of trust and respect. By demonstrating your commitment to the common good, you make it easier to work together as a team at the office or even when working from home.

3. Strengthen relationships. Cultivating relationships is usually far more valuable than coming out ahead on any particular decision. Build good will by welcoming your team's help in the activities and projects even if you think it would be faster to do a task yourself.

Effective leaders should and will seek to identify areas of compromise and work to ensure that these are mutually beneficial to all concerned. There are numerous benefits of compromise, and if leaders continue to utilize this good practice of accommodating others, they will find that becoming more flexible and generous actually feels good.

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