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Pause to Look Back, but Move Forward.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Never lose sight of the fact that Pausing to look back, and then Moving forward are critical to the process of life. The most important thing to remember is to not stay in the stage of pause too long so you forget to keep moving forward.

My favorite recollection of a Pause was from about age five. We had an abundance of games that we played back then. One of them was called 1, 2, 3 STUCK. That was where several persons would move forward steps at a time along with a count. The one thing I will never forget is how sometimes we would miss the count and remain stuck at the same spot for a long time.

As we grew older and our lives became more busy, we totally forget the game of 1,2,3 stuck.

Increasingly, there were classes to take, exams to pass, errands to run, chores to be done, and too much to keep up with. Taking time to pause was sometimes totally forgotten. Many times I believed that the pauses were crying out for our attention.

Pause for a moment and reflect. How many times have you paused to look back, to smell a rose or even to pick a leaf? Know that it is not just okay to do things differently, but it is critical to make that time to pause, reflect and think. To stop and smell the roses, and even to dare to pick one.

Friday’s are my one of my special days. I give my self permission to look back, assess, reassess and do things differently from other days. I pay attention to the cry of the roses.

Know that it’s ok to PAUSE and do things differently sometimes.

✅ Dress differently from other times

✅ Laugh more than you usually do

✅ Spend more time with others

✅ Tune out after work

✅ Do something you have not done in a while

✅ Reconnect with your inner self or your younger self