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How to Slay Procrastination

The photo shows a bus that is waiting at the bus station to be loaded with passengers. As I look carefully at the photo, I thought that if this bus does not have a plan or a schedule to move from this bus station, then it will be sitting at this station for days weeks or even months.

I am sure some planning must be It is the same thing with procrastination.

As we wrapped up our audio event this morning entitled "Slaying Procrastination", here are a few things to note, and do join us next Tuesday at 7:45 am for the next event.

You must act to slay Procrastination.

Intentional action must be the order of things. It’s impossible to precisely predict the future. It doesn’t matter how smart or how great the people who analyze these events are. Yet embracing change and an intentional purpose is the most effective ways to slay procrastination.

When it comes to procrastination, planning can be the solution or the obstacle. Managing your time sometimes helps you to stop putting things off. On the other hand, if you have trouble moving beyond the planning stage, you may wind up bogged down in analysis paralysis.

Maybe you already have signs of over-planning in your life. You read the latest bestselling diet books, but put off cutting calories and going to the gym. You want to start a business, but you do so much research that conditions change before you’re ready to launch.

Hear this:

👉 Procrastination brings unproductiveness. It's like planting over and over and there are no fruits, just weeds and thorns.

👉 Procrastination depreciates peoples’ values and lessen their influence and impact. In other words, it breaks down their defenses. There is no great work to show for the time they have been allotted and they are not able to defend themselves, so they become vulnerable to attacks both internal and external.

👉 Procrastination leads to a lack of purpose, causing people to move around meaninglessly. it leads to a wasted life, an unfulfilled purpose and even destiny.

👉 Procrastination is like going around the mulberry bush, and years later you look back and are unable to see where and how you really made a difference in life and achieved what you really wanted.

Don’t let procrastination rob you of your self-confidence, reliability, and personal peace, or even your purpose and destiny. Set goals, make plans, put them into timelines and stick to them.

You got this and you can do this. Stay in peace and not in pieces. Involved, but action override the planning.

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