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When the Time is right.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered why some things that you desire have not happened yet or they are taking too long to happen?

Yes, we have all been there. Some have done everything they need to do. You have worked hard, prayed, said affirmations, even do daily meditations and tried manifestation. Yet it does not happen.

Many years ago I stumbled upon this phrase somewhere "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". That has never left me. I thought on that phrase for days.

One thing I learnt is that you have to be ready first and truly ready for things to happen. That is for the right things to happen. The things that you truly deserve. I know that when I am ready for something I desire, truly ready it happens, it turns up.

Being ready means releasing yourself of fear and frustration. Only then you are truly ready. Only then will you be in perfect alignment for God to make it happen. When you are burdened by fear and frustration, nothing good happens. Are are you ready to release the frustration and fear? Are you ready for the desires of your heart?

Remember you have the power in you to decide what you hold on to and what you let go. I am rooting for you. Cheers to your success. Press forward into your Peace and Progress into your Purpose.

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