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7 Reasons Why a Mentor is Critical and How to Find One.

Success is easier and faster with a mentor.

Maybe you want the satisfaction of pursuing your dream alone. Or maybe you’re embarrassed to reach out to a potential mentor or don’t even know where to begin looking. Whether you want to overcome obstacles, fear, and self-doubts, create a popular blog, or build a million-dollar business, a mentor can smooth and expedite the process.

Consider these reasons why a mentor could be critical to your success: Mentors know what matters. A mentor has done what you want to do or is at least an expert on what it takes to be successful. Consider that many of the world’s greatest coaches weren’t necessarily successful themselves as players. However, they know how to make others successful.

A mentor will push you. We often do not push ourselves when we manage ourselves. A mentor will push you to develop at a faster rate than you’re likely to push yourself. In some instances, your mentor might push you to be patient and slow down.

Mentors help you to avoid mistakes. Mistakes slow progress. There are different types of mistakes, such as: working on something that doesn’t matter, not giving something the proper priority, doing the wrong thing, or doing the right thing improperly.

Mentors direct your focus, so you can avoid mistakes. They also help to correct your mistakes.

Mentors know people that matter. Mentors know people that can be helpful on your journey. For example, let’s suppose you want to be a business owner. The right mentor will know successful business owners, accountants, coaches, and other people in the entertainment business. If you want to attend graduate school in the biological sciences, a good mentor will know successful scientists in academia and industry and people on admissions committees. A mentor is an ally. A mentor is always on your side. If you need a cheerleader, your mentor is there for you. A shoulder to cry on, your mentor is available. Even your friends and family can come to resent your success, but your mentor is always happy when you’re successful.

A mentor saves time. All of these advantages serve to save time. A mentor will help you to develop fully in less time. A mentor can shave years off the period of time it takes to be successful.

These strategies can help you find a mentor that’s right for you:

Be clear on what you want and what you’re looking for. What is your goal? Is it to live more purposefully or overcome obstacles? Is it to become a great leader? What type of leader? Do you want to coach others,