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6 Simple Strategies to Enhance your Emotional Intelligence as a Leader

Emotional intelligence, a term coined in 1990, refers to the ability to understand, evaluate, and manage emotions in both ourselves and others.  It is widely regarded as a more accurate predictor of success than IQ. Developing your emotional intelligence is crucial for effective self-management and interpersonal relationships.

Discover new ways to enhance your emotional intelligence with these strategies:

1.Take ownership of your emotions and actions. Recognize that external factors do not dictate how you feel or behave. By adopting a different perspective, you can choose how to respond to situations.


2. Cultivate active listening skills. By fully engaging with others during interactions, you can better perceive and evaluate their thoughts and emotions. Paying attention to non-verbal cues can provide valuable insights.


3. Foster self-awareness. While we diligently monitor our finances and physical health, we often neglect to check in with our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Throughout the day, pause and reflect on your feelings. Are they influencing your decisions in a negative way? Are you allowing others to control your actions?


 4. Effectively manage impulsive behavior. Acting on impulse can lead to unnecessary turmoil in our lives. For instance, we may indulge in unhealthy food even when we're already full, or make impulsive purchases with our credit cards. Recognize when you're engaging in counterproductive behavior and strive to make more effective choices. Don't let self-sabotage hinder your path to success and happiness.


 5. Engage in volunteer work with those less fortunate. Spending time with individuals in need can provide valuable insights into empathy and compassion. It allows you to develop a deeper understanding of others' emotions and experiences, ultimately enhancing your emotional intelligence.


6. Practice self-reflection and seek feedback. Regularly evaluate your emotional responses and behaviors. Consider how they align with your goals and values. Additionally, seek feedback from trusted individuals who can provide honest insights into your emotional intelligence development. Embrace opportunities for growth and continuously strive to improve your ability to perceive, evaluate, and manage emotions.


By implementing these strategies, you can actively develop and increase your emotional intelligence, leading to improved personal and professional relationships.

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