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5 Great Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

Confidence looks great on everyone, but not everyone wears it. Many studies show that confidence not only make you look great, it makes you feel great as well.

If therefore we can wear something that both makes us look and feel great, let us start wearing it,

Here are a few great ways to boost your confidence and get you both looking and feeling great,

Stay in shape, and make an effort to be a a sharp dresser. It is no secret that looking good equals feeling good.

Let your body language show your confidence. Your body language is an excellent speaker, so use it to show your confidence. Stand up straight and be relaxed and open. Walk quickly with your head up. Always remember in the process to make eye contact with whosoever you meet. The jewel on the crown is to smile and the world will smile back at you.

Use positive self-talk throughout your day, start with it and end with it. This is one way that has no boundaries. Make affirmations while working, walking, standing, just make them all the time. These affirmations works to keep your inner dialogue positive.

Live by your purpose and principles. Life is just for living, as the song says, but there are ways to live. Know what is important to you, and always do what you believe is the right thing to do. Elevate your desire only for things because you want them, not because someone else does, so that you will not end up comparing yourself and your worth against others.

Finally, Celebrate frequently. Always reward yourself for a job well done. Every day try to become more aware of each success along the way. You got this. There goes your boost of self confidence . Follow these steps every day and see your confidence skyrocket.

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