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What You Put in You Get Out

One of the things I admire most about vending machines is choice. By this I mean, most of them have a variety of goodies, that you must choose from.

Underneath each goodie there is a button, which when pressed releases the choice of item/goodie that you need. There is no doubt or fear that when you press the button that you will not receive what you desire. There is only one condition though, clearly labeled either at the top or to the side is a slot that says, ‘Insert bill here or insert coin here”. In other words, you have to give something in exchange for what you need.

Hear this

It is not bias or cheating that the machine is so designed, it is the principle of giving and receiving and also that of choice. Giving and receiving is one of the most profound principles of life. Give and it shall be given to you, sow a seed for what you need. Too often people do nothing but expect the best. They give nothing but they want everything. If you want to be loved then love others, if you want to be blessed then bless someone. If you want to lead, then support someone in leadership and if you want wealth help someone to get better at life and to build wealth and it will return to you.

Life is like the vending machine; you are presented with different choices every day. Every choice comes with a decision and every decision with a set of consequences. What will you put in today?

Start today to identify your need and sow a seed. Start today to embrace the principle of giving and receiving. Start today to do unto others as you would like to be done to you. Never forget the vending machine, you put something in you get something out.

Cheers to Your purpose and your possibilities.

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