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How to Take Control of Your Mind

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Our beliefs significantly affect your actions, positively and negatively. So, how do you connect your actions to your beliefs to ensure that you get the best results?

It starts in the mind. We have to constantly shift our mindset from the old to the new, always.

None of us as human beings are exempted from challenges and obstacles. As a results of these, our beliefs can get entangled in a web of thoughts that can lean more often than not to the negative side than to the positive.

When this happens, the first thing to do is to seek to connect your true beliefs with your thoughts. What do you believe or Who do you believe? That is the first consideration.

Remember, if you believe you can then you will. In Mark 9: verse 23, Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Who is him, that was mentioned here? It was the man whose sons had the demons. Nowhere was it mentioned that this man was a believer or a Christian. Yet Jesus told him that if he believed all things are possible.

The Power of Beliefs

Does it not stand to reason then, that believing is something that we are all asked to do, regardless of our religious beliefs, social status, race, color or creed.

Your mind is similar to an iceberg. The conscious mind is like the part of the iceberg that you can see above the surface. But the bulk of the mind - the subconscious - is below the surface where you can't see.

There are certain thoughts and processes that go on inside your mind that you may not be aware of on a conscious level, such as beliefs, instincts, and memories. These are important, especially beliefs.

Here are some tips to help you take control of your mind and start believing for the best. Start changing your focus, start calling those things that are not as though they are. All this is possible through faith.

You can achieve all things by Believing.

The first step to achieving anything in life is believing. That is correct one hundred percent. Believing is not negotiable, its either you believe, or you don't believe. Check out the story of the woman in Matthew chapter 9 verse 20-22, this woman has a flow of blood for twelve years, and she believed that if she could touch the helm of Jesus garment, she would be healed.

Believing Motivates Action.

Believing is the best motivator for action.

When a person believes they develop greater motivation to move towards what they believe. The same happened with the woman in the passage above, she did not hesitate, but moved instantly towards what she believed.

Don't allow your belief to lay dormant, if you know for a fact that this belief is good and it is the right thing to do, then step out in faith and go after what you believe in. Decide today that you will be motivated by your belief and move towards it.

"To believe is to be strong. Any form of doubt will weaken your energy. Believing is power"

You will be Rewarded for your Belief.

Success is the reward for positive action. When you believe, you take action and success will be yours. Let's think finally about the woman in this message, she believed, she acted, and she was healed. Thats a reward!

What is one thing that you need to believe for, and to put positive action behind your belief? What is the one thing you desire most and need to see to fulfillment? All you need to do is to start believing, start taking control of your mind, start progressing into the future that you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

Finish strong.

Always remember, your life is yours, so make a decision to finish strong. The woman after twelve long years decided that she would finish strong, so she believed, then she was motivated to go after her belief and the reward of her faith was sure. She was healed.

Again, think about it, what are you believing for today, what are you hoping for? Make the first step towards your belief and you will be rewarded.

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