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5 Ways to Power up your Confidence and Dreams

The following strategies will lead you down the path toward the life of your dreams.

1. Visualize your dreams. Have a clear idea of what you want your best life to look like. Who you want to be with, how you hope to spend your time, the career you desire, and where you wish to live. These are all elements to think about when visualizing your dream.

2. Study confidence. Ponder what having confidence means to you, how your life will change, and how you will feel as your confidence blooms.

◆ Think about the most confident person you know.

Use your observational skills to learn from that person and apply what you see in your own life.

◆ Read books about self-confidence and seek out reputable web sources as well.

3. Prepare for self-confidence. Some simple behavioral changes can help you in your quest for more confidence, like smiling more and using humor in your conversations. Exercise regularly and take more care with your appearance. Ensure you have at least one skill or talent you are good at and place yourself in a position to use your talents/skills.

4. Discover motivation. Read a self-help book at least monthly. Feel free to also read anything else that motivates you, like a good novel or a memoir, for example.

◆ Interview someone from your desired career and your parents or grandparents to discover the secrets to their confidence and success.

◆ Have positive friends and set mini goals that lead you to your ultimate lifestyle.

5. Expect success. Think positive and banish negativity from your life using thought-stopping techniques. Vow to keep moving forward. Identify your strengths and journal compliments you receive from others.

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