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4 Major Techniques to Develop Persistence.

One of the greatest character traits you can have is persistence. Persistence in its simplest form is determination, tenacity and the act of persevering, continuing on a path of faith and hope in spite of the circumstances.

Being persistent means, you’ll keep trying until you accomplish a goal or get something right.

Many of us can think back on the times when we were persistent. As this has been our entire life story, staying persistent and resilient even when we did not feel like it.

Think back, what did you do? How long and how often did you repeat the behavior you needed for success? Did you get the results you wanted? What did you learn from the experience?

One key to experiencing positive results from your persistence is to know when you must be persistent. Once you have a feel for determining when being persistent is most likely to help you get what you desire, you can practice strategies that help you develop greater persistence. As with many other activities, the more you practice the better you get!

Try these techniques to develop more persistence for greater success in your endeavors:

1. Accept that anyone can be persistent. If you’ve ever doubted you could hang in during a difficult situation until your goal is met, doubt no more. Everyone is capable of exhibiting perseverance. 2. Ask yourself, “How important is this issue?” Because being persistent requires both mental and physical energy. Always consider if the issue or situation is important enough to you to put in the effort. 3. Be very clear about your goal. Know what you want. What do you hope to accomplish? Your focus on the desired end product or goal will propel you forward. 4. Faith is the fuel. Although being persistent doesn’t require any particular talent or skill, it does take some faith to keep you going. It’s important to truly believe that what you’re working toward will work out eventually. If you believe, you will persist.

Finally, remember being persistent is simple, yet requires courageous effort. The best part is… anyone can do it! You can do it!

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