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4 Effective Ways to Get More Time in Your Day

Time is the only measurement of destiny. If you waste time, your delay your destiny. On the other hand, if you use time wisely, you get more time.

Time is measured in minutes, hours, days, months and years for the benefit of humans who depend on it to order events and growth.

While we measure time, we are also comforted in the fact that we can create less time or more time depending on what we do.

It does not take away from the fact that there remains twenty-four hours in every day and three hundred and sixty-five or three hundred and sixty-six days in a year.

What is sure is that mankind has been able to manipulate outcomes of events and times by simply adhering to what they call "life hacks". Life hacks are simple but advantageous ways of taking deliberate actions to create better results.

Here are 4 simple yet effective Life Hacks for creating more time. I encourage you to use them and reap the benefits for your life.

Set Goals for each day

When you set goals for each day and adhere to them, you create more time. Instead of moving from one thing to another, be deliberate about the time that should be s-pent and each task and stick to it.

Sometimes it is best to say more No's and less Yes's

Not every time you are asked to do something you should say Yes. Resolve to giving yourself more yes's and others more no's in order to create more time in your life. Not everything needs your attention, not everyone needs your time. Learn to use more no's to create more time in your day. Remember no is a complete sentence and so is yes.

Sleep better not more

A better sleep includes a fixed time to sleep. Get at least seven hours sleep each night and be deliberate about it. That's a better sleep than sleeping for few hours in between chores or events. When you create the time to sleep better you also create more time in your life.