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Life Strategist
Temperament Coach

Building People and Changing Lives

Doctor of Ministry

Life Mentor and People Builder, Author

Certified Temperament Counselor

John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and 

Leadership Trainer, Faith Based & Purpose



4 reasons you need a Life Strategist and Temperament Coach

VISION:  Life Strategists are needed both for Individuals and Teams. An independent visionary who will not just recognize the facts, but also the emotions and the beliefs.  The independence will allow team members to engage with someone outside of the organization.


SOLUTIONS:  A Life Strategist focuses on the solutions rather than on the problems.  Many are trained in psychology or counseling which gives them deeper insights to the mind.   


RESULTS:  Life Strategists are results- focused and growth-focused professionals and as such they empower both individuals as well as organizations and their teams to stay focused on growth and results.

EFFECTIVE:  A Life Strategist can connect with and change the lives of all tiers of the team as well as individuals at different levels in their growth.  They can be retained by you or your organization and can meet on line (zoom) or in person.


I am well equipped to help you to cross any obstacles in your life that are holding you back.
I fully understand the power of action.  
I am committed to inspiring change and surpassing your expectations as I help you to expose your potential and move you forward.


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